Votan Ventures addresses blockchain and its complementing technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts, and Cryptocurrency. We provide a variety of services to assist organizations in their journey to achieve consensus based global partnerships. Votan brings its strong expertise in Platform Integration and Digital Transformation Services to combine with Blockchain and provide value added services technology platforms. We also act as an end-to-end partner for Blockchain projects, from exploratory phase, through the business case construction until solution development and roll-out. We can also help you fork any blockchain and add your own new customized logics on the top of it hence creating a hard fork of any technology.

What we offer?

Our Teams build blockchain solutions such as crypto wallets, dApps, Smart Contracts etc. using Hyperledger, Solidity, Ethereum, IOTA, CORDA & LISK



Private Blockchain Development

We help you integrate private blockchain solutions to address your specific business requirements by implicating the cryptography to secure & store data on a distributed ledger


Cryptocurrency Development/ICO

We offer custom Cryptocurrency Platforms to help you create cryptocurrency that maybe utilized further for other cryptocurrency based projects. Our Cryptocurrency development process consists of Crypto Exchange Software Development, Secure Wallet Development, and ICO Marketing.


Smart Contract Development

We are experts in smart contract development, Our team secure and proficient Smart Contracts while automating and containerizing all other stuff so that anyone can run it with ease


Secure Wallets Development

We ensure to develop secure wallet applications which are decentralized for Bitcoin, Ethereum and All other coins.



Why choose Votan Ventures for Blockchain Development Services?

We have helped more than 50 companies create their products on blockchain so far and with our expertise will be able to easily help you do the same, connect with us to know more about our work or to request for the portfolio.

Blockchain is the future and we will help you transform your business by managing everything over blockchain hence ensuring Immutability, Transparency and Security through out.

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